Redwood (R)evolution is  an educational project that seeks to build awareness of a remarkable transition in the redwood industry from destructive exploitation toward stewardship. Our goal is to inspire people to support local, sustainable forestry and to provide practical information and resources for doing so.

In less than 20 years, a majority of California’s redwood industry, including its largest players, have turned from liquidation logging toward relatively responsible forest practices on hundreds of thousands of acres of the North Coast’s redwood forests – practices that include ecological restoration as well as reduced-impact logging. While the industry still has its critics and bad actors, many are supportive of the changes that have occurred to date and think it’s critical to harness the marketplace to drive continued progress.

There are a variety of organizations that are active in the conservation, restoration and responsible management of the forests of the redwood region.  These organizations encourage people to use their purchasing power to reward responsible practices and practitioners