How You Can Help

One way to support forest conservation, stewardship and restoration in the redwood region is to donate to the non-profit organizations that are involved in this work. But it is equally important to seek out redwood products that stem from enlightened forest management.

How can you identify such products? Forest certification offers the simplest answer.

Forest certification is a voluntary process intended to ensure consumers that their wood purchases support responsible forestry. Forest managers’ on-the-ground practices are audited annually against a set of environmental and social standards. Among other things, these standards take into account ecosystem health, wildlife habitat, areas with high conservation values, water and soil quality, and the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. Operations that meet the standards gain the right to sell their wood as “certified”

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is a not-for-profit organization that is widely considered the most rigorous and credible forest certification system. FSC operates globally and enjoys the support of most major environmental groups, including World Wildlife Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Natural Resources Defense Council, Greenpeace and the Sierra Club.

You can find FSC-certified redwood decking and other products at most Bay Area Home Depot stores.  Click to here to download a list of outlets of other FSC-certified wood products.

Not all companies offering responsible redwood products are FSC-certified. Forever Redwood, for example, offers products from small-scale forestry operations whose practices represent the cutting edge of stewardship – but have opted not to undergo FSC certification due to cost and other factors.

There are also numerous outlets for reclaimed redwood in Northern California, including but not limited to: